Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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How to install Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Video doorbell is very popular these days.  Dave recently installed the Ring Video doorbell pro.  There are various model you could choose based on your need.  Please visit for more information.

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Installation was pretty easy.  This project took Dave about an hour.  Dave chose the hardwired version to work with our existing home doorbell.  

1.  Remove old Doorbell.

remove old doorbell

2.  Make sure power is off from circuit breaker.  Disconnect the wires from old doorbell.

3.  Take the cover off from the Ring Doorbell.

Take the cover off from the Ring Doorbell

4.  Drill holes using the drill bit come with the kit and put wall mounting anchor to the drilled hole

Drill holes using the drill bit come with the kit

5.  Connect wires to the Ring Doorbell.

Connect wires to the Ring Doorbell

6.  Mount doorbell to wall.

Mount ring doorbell to wall

7.  Snap face plate onto the Ring Doorbell.

Snap face plate onto the Ring Doorbell

8.  Put secure screw on the bottom of the Ring Doorbell. 

Put secure screw on the bottom of the Ring Doorbell

9.  Install the  power kit inside the door bell in the house. 

Install the  power kit inside the ring doorbell in the house

10.  Take the cover off.  Make sure power from circuit break is still off.  Remove wire from the one labeled "Front".  Insert the wire just removed to the wire clip labeled "Front" and connect the other end to the house doorbell. 

11.  Repeat the same for the other one labeled "Trans"

12.  Find a good location to put the Ring power pack.  Try to stay away from the metal plates of the doorbell itself and put cover back on.

13.  Set up the app and connect the Ring doorbell.  Press the button on the side of the doorbell.  Follow instruction on the app to connect to the home wifi network.

14.  Try it!

Let's take a look at the video to see how Dave did it!

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