Sunday, November 4, 2012

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Oil Change for Mazda 5 2010

Dave loves to work on cars.  Here is a simple project of oil change for our 2010 Mazda 5.

Here is a list of Material we used:
1.  Blitz oil pan
2.  1 unit of Fram oil filter TG3614
3.  4 Quarts (4 bottles) of 5W-20 Oil (we used Valvoline)
4.  Wheel Blocks to put to the back tires to prevent car from moving

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 Basic procedures would be:
1.  Put the Wheel Blocks on the back tires
2.  Jack up the car and make sure it is secured.
3.  Time to go underneath the car.
4.  The oil and the oil filter both are covered underneath the Mazda5.
5.  So, remove the plastic cover.
6.  Position the oil pan
7.  Unscrew the drain plug to let old oil flow into the oil pan.
8.  After it's done, put the plug back in.
9.  Move the oil pan under the oil filter.
10.  Unscrew the oil filter.
11.  Put new oil around the rim of the new oil filter.
12.  Screw the new oil filter back on.
13.  Put the plastic cover back.
14.  Lower the car.
15.  Fill the engine with 4 quarts of the new 5W-20 Oil.
16.  Check the oil level.
17.  Start the engine to run for about a minute, to fill the new oil filter with oil.
18.  Check the oil level again.
19.  If all good, engine oil is good to go, but good idea to check other fluid level also, like the transmission oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid.

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Take a look at the video for step by step instruction!

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