Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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How to Fix Roof Vent Pipe Leak

We had a few leaky spots on the roof.  After getting a few quotes from contractors to do a "roof maintenance", Dave decided to do it himself.  He re-applied seal to all the vent pipe on the roof.   Only perform this if you are confident for all the safety being on the roof.  Otherwise, it is best to have professional help.

1.  Remove all the old caulking out from the vent pipe.

remove all old caulking  

2.  Clean up area to get ready for the new seal.

Clean up area to get ready for the new seal.

3.  Get the roof cement wet patch caulking ready.

4.  Apply it around the connection of the vent pipe.  Make sure all the connection part is filled with the caulking.

5.  Don't forget to seal the screws also.

6.  The wet patch sealant is water proof right away.  But it would take 24 hours to completely dry.

Take a look at this video to see how Dave did it!