Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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How to Trim and Level Chair Legs

The chairs for our dining set is getting old.  After searching for a good set for our home, couldn't quite find the one we like as much as this old set.  Thankfully, my mom's friend was having a house renovation and getting rid of the furniture.  We got 4 dining chairs from them.  The chairs seem to match our home very well.  Only problem is, the chairs are too tall for our dining table.  So, Dave trimmed the legs and now they are perfect!

In this project, most important thing is to make sure all the chair legs are trimmed evenly and leveled among all the chairs.  A jig is made for this purpose.  Then, Dave used the circular saw to cut the legs.

1.  Measure how much to trim off from the chair legs.  For us, we want to trim 2.5 inches off.

2.  Measure the space between the blade of the circular saw to the edge.  This helps to know where to put the edge on the jig.  In our case, it's 1 inch.

3.  Make the jig using some scape wood.  Make where the circular saw needs to go along.  Secure a edge with clamps.

4.  Once the jig is ready.  Then, it's time to cut!  Secure the clamp on one side the chair legs using grip clamps.

5.  Run the circular saw along the edge.

6.  If needed, cut the legs off using a hand saw.  In our case, the circular saw blade is not thick enough for the chair leg wood.  So, we needed to finish cutting by a hand saw.

7.  Sand the legs.

8.  Put chair legs protector on. 

9.  Done!

Take a look at this video to see how Dave did it!