Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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How to install Jeep JK Brawlee Lift Gate LED Light Bar

When we take the Jeep to visit places, it is helpful to have more light at the Lift Gate.  One easy solution is to install the Brawlee Lift Gate LED Light Bar.  Easy to install and it works great.  

First, clean the bracket where the Light Bar goes to with paper towel and provided alcohol wipe.

Then, stick the light bar to the rear lift gate bracket.

Next is to take care of the wiring.  Use the provided brackets, line the wire along the side of the rear gate.

Organize the wire using the wire holder provided.

Continue organizing the wire into proper place.

Connect the light switch connector.

Use the remote light control to set the desire lighting.

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Take a look at this video to see how Dave did it!