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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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Quick DIY Installation for Hinge Pin Door Stop

When our walk-in closet door is opened, it could hit the shelf behind it.  Since there is no wall backing the door when the door is opened, we need to have a solution for some kind of door stop.  In situation like this, a single Hinge Pin Door Stop is the simple solution.  Installation is super easy.  No drilling holes to the wall or the door, takes a few minutes to install.  

In this video, Dave is showing us this simple method of installing the Hinge Pin door stop.  

The hardware used in the video is purchased at Home Depot.  Here is the link for it. 

There are other ones sold on Amazon too, check them out here!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

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How to Add HVAC Return Air Duct Vent

In this video, Dave is showing us how to install the HVAC Return Air Duct Vent.  The purpose of the Return Air Duct Vent is to take the air in to the furnance to heat or cool it then blow it back out to the rest of the house.  So, with sufficient venting, the air flow improves and the HVAC unit would run more efficiently.  

 Check out these Return Air Duct Vent cover on Amazon here!

In our home, we have one vent opened.  After talking to the HVAC professionals, they suggested to put one more in to maximize efficiency.  Another great DIY Project for Dave!

Here are some high level steps:

1.  Measure the location for the vent.  Make sure to use a level ruler to ensure a straight line.  

          Using the level ruler

2.  Cut the drywall using the drywall saw.

     Using the drywall saw

3.  Lastly, screw the vent on.  Make sure to use the drywall screw anchors to properly secure the vent on to the drywall.

screw in the HVAC return air duct vent

Let's take a look at the video to see how Dave did it!

Friday, October 13, 2017

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Hi-Lift Jack Mount Installation for Jeep JK Wrangler

In this video, Dave is showing us how to install the Hi-Lift Jack Mount for the Jeep JK Wrangler.  The Dominion Jack Mount is a perfect solution for what Dave is looking for.  Something secure and good quality to mount the Hi-Lift Jack.  The design is great that this can be installed inside the hard top, can be kept clean and out of sight.  

Jeep Hi-Lift Jack Mount

The website you can find the mount is here.

You can also buy this on Amazon here.   

You also will need the Permatex 24200 Medium Strength Threadlocker

Let's take a look at the video to see how Dave did it!