Friday, April 22, 2016

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How To Replace the Sprinkler Head

Have you ever come across that one of your sprinkler keep gushing water out? That could be because it is missing the sprinkler head.  The pop-up portion could be missing, and it is very easy to replace!  

Important thing is to make sure you get the right part.  Check the sprinkler head that is working correctly.  The brand and the model number is typically be printed on top of the sprinkler.  Get the one with the same brand and model number.

Also, other things to consider is the circle pattern.  There are ones that go all the way to 360°.  If the sprinkler is on the side, get the 180°  one.  Adjust it so that it is point to the right direction.  Do not waste water! 

Let's take a look how Dave does it!