Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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How to Fix Running Toilet

How many of us would keep hearing that water noise, only to realize it's the runny toilet?  It is annoying, but it is a simple and easy fix!  Dave is going to show us how to identify the problem and fixing it by changing the Flapper Valve

1. Notice a running toilet  😓
Notice a runny toilet
2. Determine the cause.  Check if it's only due to the flapper valve.  First, remove the hose to fill the toilet bowl. 
remove the hose to fill the toilet bowl

3. Flush the toilet.  If water still running to the toilet bowl, that means it is the flapper valve that's leaking.
Flush toilet and see if water still leaking

4. Once it has been determined that it's the flapper valve.  Shut the water to the toilet bowl.
Shut the water to toilet bowl
5. Flush the toilet to let the water out from the tank.

6. Remove flapper valve.
unclip the flapper valve chain
Remove the flapper valve

7. Put the new flapper valve in!
install toilet flapper valve
Install new toilet water valve
8. Adjust chain as needed and Test and Hopefully No more running toilet! 😃

This project took Dave about 5 mins.  Of course, time to Home Depot not included!  haha  

Take a look at the video and we look forward to your feedback!

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