Sunday, September 9, 2012

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In-home Pond Water Treatment System Explained

Recently, we have visited Dave's family in the farm land of northwest Ohio.   They lives on a farm.  Beautiful wide space, and miles and miles of open space.  Very peaceful and great atmosphere!

Dave's brother has a man-made pond.  It's is 16 feet deep, collecting rain water and melted snow.  To reserve, reuse and recycle, his brother has built a in-home water treatment system to purify the water, for usage and consumption.  Essentially it is a mini version of the big scale water treatment system that the city uses.

We have made this video that Dave explains how the system works!  Enjoy!

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  1. Is this system still working as expected after 5 years? Also it seems very expensive, so was it put in because the well was insufficient? I wonder if the house could have benefited from to potable water systems- one for toilets and dishes and the well for drinking and showering? Eye care for a camping Lodge on a pond that has a very old hand-dug well that does not meet our needs. I've been considering pimping and filtering the pond water and am looking for advice on best practice.