Saturday, September 25, 2021

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How to Replace Toilet Tank Fill Valve

The toilet was making some strange noise after water is filled.  Also, sometimes, the flush doesn't work right and we had to flush multiple times.  What a waste of water!  Turns out the Toilet Fill Valve has gone bad.  While the toilet is actually pretty new.  To fix the issue, Dave replaced the fill valve in the toilet tank.  

The toilet fill valve is pretty universal.  But you should pick the same brand as the toilet if possible.  In our case, our toilet is the Toto brand, so we picked a Toto brand universal fill value replacement.

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The project is relatively straight forward.  It took Dave about 30 minutes to complete.  High level steps:

1.  Find the suitable Fill Valve replacement.  
2.  Get ready - Bucket, rug to wipe water, water plumbing wrench.
3.  Shut off water.
4.  Disconnect water hose.
5.  Remove old fill valve.
6.  Measure the correct height to adjust the water level of the new fill valve.
7.  Install the new fill valve.
8.  Check for water leaks when complete.

Take a look at this video to see how Dave did it! 

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